Phlebectomy | Vericose Vein Removal

Phlebectomy is a minimally invasive procedure used to remove varicose veins on the surface of the leg. Phlebectomy involves making tiny punctures or incisions in the skin near the varicose vein.

Veins are very collapsible and even large veins can be removed through the tiny incisions used in this technique. This varicose vein treatment is often done on an outpatient basis.

Our physicians at Brighton Dermatology & Regenesis will numb the area with a local anesthetic, then a very small incision is made at the site, after cleansing and anesthetizing the skin, a series of incisions no larger than a pencil eraser are made in the skin next to the enlarged vein, finally a Phlebectomy hook is inserted under the surface of the skin to remove the varicose vein through the tiny incision.

Patients rarely report any pain during the Phlebectomy procedure because the area being treated is under a local anesthetic. The incisions made during the procedure are so small that no stitches are required. When the procedure is complete, your leg will be wrapped in a comfortable but snug compression wrap.

You will need to wear graduated compression stockings for approximately 2 - 3 weeks following the procedure. As long as the stockings are worn, almost all of your normal activities can be resumed beginning the day after the surgery. However any strenuous activities will be limited for approximately 2 weeks. Please consult with your physician to understand your limitations following this procedure.

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